How Many Lin-Manuel Mirandas Does It Take To Be Lin-Manuel Miranda

A dedicated staff and support system does not explain Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work output.


Working twenty-four hour days and going ten years without sleep does not explain Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work output.


Continuous intravenous ingestion of coffee does not explain Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work output.


Let us count the Lins.


  • Husband - 1 Lin

  • Father of two children - 1 Lin

  • Addiction to Twitter - 1 Lin

  • Wrote and starred in “In The Heights”…while also appearing on “The Sopranos”, “House”, “Sesame Street”, and the “Electric Company”, and working as a high school English teacher - 7 Lins

  • Wrote and starred in “Hamilton”…while also co-writing the songs for “Bring It On”, writing the songs to “21 Chump Street”, starring in “Encores”, and also co-writing the songs for “Moana” - 12 Lins

  • Co-starred in “Mary Poppins”…while continuing to release Hamildrops, writing a song for “Star Wars”, preparing to star in a “Hamilton” run in Puerto Rico and also providing the voice of Gizmoduck for “Duck Tales” - 5 Lins

  • Co-writing the songs for “The Little Mermaid”, producing the TV Series “The Kingkiller Chronicle”, writing eleven new songs for “Vivo”, directing and producing “Tick, Tick…Boom!” - 10 Lins


Total number of Lin-Manuel Mirandas needed to be Lin-Manuel Miranda:  37 Lin-Manuel Mirandas.


Conclusion:  Lin-Manuel Miranda has 36 twins.


Sub-Conclusion:  This one-page bit took the author three days to write, and he is very, very depressed about that.



** Suspected but Unconfirmed Lins **


  • The Lin who wakes up early on Sundays to pick up neighborhood trash

  • The Lin who plays moody saxophone on his fire escape during warm summer nights

  • The Lin who has adventures throughout Hamilton Heights with his trusty dog

  • The Lin who drives Uber part-time, who miraculously got you to JFK in 23 minutes so you didn’t miss your flight