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     Greg is a musician and a writer.

     Born in Australia, raised in Toronto and New York, briefly a resident in Colorado, Ohio, and North Carolina, he's the son of an amateur jazz pianist and the grandson of a magician.

     Greg’s music has been featured as a "New and Noteworthy" release on iTunes, played on renowned radio stations (WFUV, NPR, Acoustic Cafe), won international songwriting awards, and can be heard on national TV and in award-winning films.  He also writes songs with other artists (Amanda Brown, the Weepies, Amanda Brecker) and has shared the stage with musical greats such as Rosanne Cash and John Hammond.

     In addition to music, Greg spends his time writing fiction - novels and screenplays, mostly, although he also contributes to places like The New Yorker and McSweeney's.  Oh, and he's written endless notes on cocktail napkins, which are probably all brilliant ideas, world-changing even, but deciphering his handwriting the day-after is a Herculean task he is usually incapable of.

     Greg lives and works out of NYC, or wherever else he happens to find himself.

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